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Status: Active
Date Last Reported: 02/27/2015
Broadcast Station: KMOX  

Incident Reports for / Diabetes Reversed /
Date Heard Station Report Type Details
02/27/2015 KMOX
02/27/2015 KOA Huckabee voices, ""
02/27/2015 KSFO Voiced by Mike Huckabee
02/27/2015 KLBJ Huckabee reads
02/27/2015 WSB Huckabee reads
02/27/2015 KTTH Mike Huckabee voices
02/26/2015 KEX s10
02/26/2015 WIOD Voiced by Huckabee
02/26/2015 WBAP
02/25/2015 KMOX
02/25/2015 WISN s4
02/24/2015 KTTH 10:22 pst
02/24/2015 KFBK
02/24/2015 WNIS
02/23/2015 WJR Diabetes Solution Kit, voiced by Mike Huckabee, leads to
02/18/2015 WFTW Huckabee
02/09/2015 KVEC Heard an ad spoken by Mike Huckabee for s2 10
04/18/2014 WWCK Heard an ad
04/18/2014 KFYI Heard an ad
04/18/2014 KROP Heard an ad
04/17/2014 WOR Online ad Ad for their acid reflux publication
04/16/2014 KFBK Heard an ad
04/16/2014 KHVH Online ad
04/10/2014 WWCK Heard an ad
04/03/2014 KOGO Heard an ad
03/31/2014 KFBK Heard an ad
03/31/2014 KOGO Heard an ad
03/27/2014 WPHT Online ad Assume same company, " brought to you by Barton Publishing:"
03/21/2014 WFLA Heard an ad
03/17/2014 WWCK Heard an ad
3/17/14 KQNT Heard an ad
03/13/2014 WSB Heard an ad
02/28/2014 KTTH Heard an ad
02/28/2014 WRNO Online ad
02/14/2014 KQNT Heard an ad
02/07/2014 WSB Heard an ad
02/07/2014 KFYI Heard an ad
02/07/2014 WJR Heard an ad
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